What is Wedding Photojournalism?

These days, it seems that all wedding photographers claim to be wedding photojournalists. In fact, photojournalism has become a buzz word that gets tossed around more than an actual description of a photographer’s style. But where does the term photojournalist even come from in the first place?

Photojournalism is a story telling style of journalism that is achieved through photography that is used in news, magazine and other publications. Photojournalists were expected to observe and record events as they unfolded, without any interference or adulteration. In the late 1980s early 1990s, a group of photojournalists moved into the wedding photography industry and created a new unique style of photography called wedding photojournalism. ​ Photojournalism and Wedding Photography When introduced to the wedding photography industry, this new style of wedding photography was a breath of fresh air. Prior to that point, wedding photography seemed to be firmly entrenched in a standardised set of perfect cliché-looking shots and effects. Every wedding portrait had the same glamour-esque look. Now with this new approach, instead of the wedding photographer helping guide and direct the wedding day, they now stood back and let things happen naturally, striving to tell the truth and realism in the actual moment. The images may not have been flawless, but they were perfect in capturing the actual emotion and atmosphere of the scene. ​ Wedding Photojournalism Today Fast forward 20 years and it seems as though every single wedding photographer promotes themselves as being a wedding photojournalist and wedding photographers have become afraid of losing clients if they do not use the marketing term somewhere in their promotional material. However, there are many photographers out there who have no experience in wedding photojournalism, or photojournalism in general. In fact, quite often their websites and portfolios don't even display photojournalistic style shots. ​ While it is not required for a wedding photographer to have worked at a newspaper agency in order to qualify to be a wedding photojournalist, it should be expected that their training and educational background is in the field of photojournalism. While the Macona team has not worked in a newspaper agency setting, we have completed hours upon hours of professional training programmes in wedding photojournalism. Probably the easiest and most effective way of getting an idea of whether or not a wedding photographer is actually a wedding photojournalist is simply to take a look at their portfolio, as well as a sample wedding. Throughout our portfolio you will notice our roots in photojournalism. One of the biggest compliments we recieve is how natural our photography style is. We strive to capture geniune emotion and the real authentic moments of your special day!



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