The Magic of Golden Hour and Night Time Photos

If you look at your Pinterest Board of all those images you want on your wedding day, we guarantee you that you’ve pinned many photos that happened at golden hour. What is golden hour? It’s the magic hour. The light-perfection hour. It’s the best time to take photos on a wedding day. But it doesn’t last long. This short window of pretty light starts about 45 minutes before sunset (depending on the venue). Whether you are planning on doing a First Look, or all your photos after the ceremony, this is a time that you don’t want to miss on your wedding day. Below are the Top 5 Reasons to schedule an evening session into your timeline!

1. The Light Light is the single MAIN thing we look for when shooting on a wedding day. Where is it? How do we get more of it? Or less of it? How do we use it to make you look freaking amazing? Think of golden hour as nature’s perfect filter for photos as it creates an amazing, soft light that is perfect for photos. And it’s perfect for virtually any type of photography. Such as portraits or landscape settings. Shooting during this timeframe always provides fantastic images. Even a non-photographer can see the appeal of taking photographs during such a beautiful time of the day! ​ Despite it’s name, golden hour doesn’t necessarily have to mean a nice sunset. Even if the day is cloudy, the light is still ideal at this time. The shadows are soft, and couples are basked in an even glow. Don’t be bummed by a cloudy day! Embrace it!

2. Back-Up Portrait Time

Weddings are messy and things don’t always go as planned. Having additional time scheduled on your wedding day for photos is always a plus. If for some reason the timeline gets pushed back and portraits are cut short (due to hair and makeup or weather), this time is already scheduled in as an extra bonus.

This back-up time is particularly common in the summertime when sunset isn’t until 8:30pm or even later. For winter wedding couples, your portrait session will usually fall within golden hour anyway due to daylight savings!

3. Additional Portrait Locations

There are some locations on a wedding day that we just don’t want to photograph couples at. Why? Because the scene is just not the best for the time of day. It may be too bright, too hot, or just too inconvenient. Exposed open fields and vineyards are beautiful but you will roast in them under the afternoon sun. Instead, the perfect time for these locations is at golden hour where it’s cooler and the light is much softer.

4. Alone Time

Golden hour photography can be some of the most romantic and beautiful keepsake portraits for couples from their wedding day. It’s also a time for the wedding couple to take a moment to reflect. Pause. Soak up the wedding day. At this point, much of the hustle and bustle is complete. Take this small window of time to soak in some gorgeous, warm sunlight before going back to your reception. I promise you will not regret it. And once it’s over, we will send you back into your reception to kick off that dance floor!

5. Consider a Night Time Sneak Away! Shoot! Did we miss golden hour? No worries! Even after the sun has set, there is still enough light to take some awesome photos! The beauty of twinkling stars and dark skies makes for a great photo backdrop. The Sneak Away session lasts no more than 10-15 minutes and is typically scheduled just before, or just after, the first dance.. The night sky adds a touch of romance and gives your photographer the opportunity to create dramatic images with the help of added lighting.



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