Planning for your family and group photos

We ask all of our clients to write us a detailed list of all the family formal group photos that they would like to have taken following the wedding ceremony. This may seem like a simple task when in actual fact it can become quite a daunting task especially when large families are involved. We have made a list of tips to help you get the job done!

1. The Full Guest Photo

The full guest photo is a fun favourite and is requested by most of our couples on the wedding day. You should try and time this photo for straight after the wedding ceremony before the guests start disappearing for the bathroom and the bar at cocktail hour.

2. How many group photos can we have?

We strongly suggest keeping your family formal list to a maximum of 15 groups of no more than 15 people, allowing 2-3 minutes per group. We are more than happy to do more than 15 groups if your family dynamic requires it, but please bear in mind how much time will need to be allotted in your timeline! We have found that 30 minutes is the maximum that most couple and their families will happily tolerate.

3. Nominate a helper!

We ask our couples to nominate someone who can help us round up all the family members and shepherd them all to the photo location spot. Choose someone who has nice loud voice and is confident enough to use it! Please don't ask your parents or siblings to do this job as they will likely be in most of your photos.

4. Keep it to your family, your friends can wait

If you find yourself staring at a long list of groups that needs culling, try and keep the formal photos to immediate family only. Friends, school mates, drinking buddies and work colleagues are all photos that can be taken casually in the more fun environment of the reception.

5. Photos of other couples

While your lead photographer is busy working through the group list provided, your second photographer will be on hand to photograph the candid moments of cocktail hour, as well as any couple and group photos that your guests might request. We suggest limiting the family photos to those which include both the bride and groom.

6. Where do the family formal photos fit on the timeline?

We recommend doing your family photos after the initial congratulations following the ceremony, but before your guests start to head into cocktail hour. Perhaps your MC could seize the opportunity to make an announcement following the full group photo. Check out our ideal timeline for more information!



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