One Bride...Three Stunning Wedding Dresses

We know the struggle – You want to walk down the aisle in an elegant, figure-hugging showstopper, yet want to have fun, dance, and move like there is no tomorrow at the wedding reception.

April's solution was to have not one or two, but three stunning wedding dresses on her and James' special day. James was floored when April came down the aisle in her exusite wedding gown, looking every bit the blushing bride. After the ceremony she changed into a gorgeous red three quarter gown honoring her chineese heritage. Later in the evening a further change saw April dancing the night away in a beautiful silky gown.

We have heard many brides question whether a second wedding dress (or two!) is worth the money and whether there will be regrets that ceremony dream gown won't be worn for the whole day. Below are some positives that will come from having multiple wedding dresses:

Impress Twice

Impress your husband/wife during your ceremony and AGAIN during your reception. Two dresses mean that you get two completely different looks that will swipe your loved one off their feet.

More Versatile Photos

Changing your outfit throughout the day means that you won’t look the same in each photo. We know that you will look at these photos for the rest of your life, so why not make the most out of them, right?!

You Don’t Have To Choose Between Your Favourites

Having to pick two dresses for your wedding day means that you won’t have to choose between your two favourites. You might like a simple crepe gown but also love the beaded showstopper that just looks so good on you – You simply get to keep them both. YAY!

Twice The Fun

Although you might love the thought of walking down the aisle in a fitted gown, dancing in a tight dress is a completely different story. Picking another dress for your reception will allow you to wear a sexy, and fitted gown at your ceremony, and then change into a more comfortable gown or less fitted option during your reception. That way you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable and you can just focus on dancing into the night…

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